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2 Stars

Toledo , OH


Bought Groupon

I got a groupon to get my teeth whitened here. My consult they recommended I have a cleaning before I got them done and then they didn’t find anything on the X-rays supposedly and when the dentist came in they said I needed like 6 fillings. I just went to my... Read More

5 Stars

Toledo, OH


Great Dentists, Great Staff

I've been for two visits so far and they've been amazing. The staff are awesome in getting the best bang for your insurance buck and the dentists are great in doing what they do. I definitely recommend trying them out and seeing if they're a great fit for you. They... Read More

1 Stars

Toledo, OH


Scam Artists!

I thought this dentist office was amazing. I enjoyed going for visits, and the hygienists are friendly. They said I needed 16 cavities filled, and I believed them. They did 8 fillings, 3 of which needed to be redone. Then I moved, and I have since had 2 different... Read More

1 Stars

Toledo, OH


It was terrible.

The dentist slipped off my tooth cutting my cheek. He just stitched me up and did not even apologize Read More

1 Stars

Toledo, OH


There is nothing good I can say.

The dentist slipped off my tooth cutting my cheek and had to stitch me up and did not even apologize. Read More

4 Stars

Holland, OH


Thorough dental care and services are available at Spring Valley Dental in Holland, Ohio.

We have been going to Spring Valley Dental for several years for routine care, like cleanings and fillings. We have also gone for more specialized procedures such as gum treatments and for dental emergencies as well. They have always been very accommodating,... Read More