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Tyler, TX

Lone Star MMA

Excellent gym

I've been in martial arts for many years. I've trained in gyms located in Houston, Abilene, Lubbock, and Tyler. Lone Star MMA is one of my favorite gyms.

It has an amazing family atmosphere. I've trained at gyms where, although the instruction was terrific, I would never bring my children there. Such is not true here, I will bring my children here to Lone Star MMA, and gladly.

The instruction here is excellent. The owner is passionate and excited about martial arts. I've trained under teachers who are dry and are clearly in martial arts to make money or to show off. The owner's not one of them. Just from meeting him, it's obvious that he wants people to learn martial arts for the sake of learning martial arts.

I've trained in gyms where you learn one style of martial arts and for one area of execution. For example, the gym I trained at in Lubbock trained you in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for competition. There is a huge difference between BJJ in competition and BJJ in the street for self defense. The owner and the instructors at Lone Star MMA take the time to point out the differences as techniques are taught.

I've never heard the owner or instructors here talk bad about any given student, fighter, or style. In fact, students are encouraged to learn and adapt different styles into the students' personal style. My background is in Tae Kwon Do and BJJ. Since attending Lone Star MMA, I've been taught and adapted techniques from other styles (e.g., judo and krav maga) into my repertoire of skills and techniques. Such makes me a better fighter.

I would recommend Lone Star MMA to any person interested in learning martial arts.