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Whitehouse, TX

Lone Star MMA

Poor instruction, stress filled enviornment

When you walk into the gym, the mat area is very appealing. The mat is red, with a Relson Gracie logo in the middle of it. The unpainted wooden walls give it a nice, old school style, vibe.

The coach, at the time, was very well good. He cares about his students, not just on the mats but off as well. This coach that I am referring to, no longer trains/teaches here, and now has his own gym in Tyler.

The owner of Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Tyler does not treat his students/customers the same way the former instructor did/does. The owner has been caught talking badly about people behind their back, he downs jiu-jitsu anytime wrestling beats jiu-jitsu in a MMA fight and vice versa if jiu-jitsu wins, he will corner you or follow you to your car and continuously ramble on and repeat the same thing over and over. I know people that will not go to this gym, solely because of him. In jiu-jitsu, training with as many people as you can is very beneficial. Open mats typically welcome anyone, from any gym. However, this owner does not wanting you to go to other gyms, even if you're on the same team, and will try to get you to choose between your friends at those gyms, and his own gym.

A few months ago, over 20-something jiu-jitsu students and instructors, walked out on this gym, because of the years of stress that the owner put upon them. I have talked with many of those that left, and they were not recruited by anyone, they quit because they wanted to continue to train under the good coach, as he was one of the first to quit.

The owner of this gym currently holds a 3 stripe brown belt in Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. I've watched him demonstrate many techniques, and they are not even blue belt level. I've also witnessed a white belt smash him on the mats. He recently hurt one of the students with a karate chop to their, fully extended arm.

The instructing here is now very poor. I would never recommend this gym to anyone. I am a former student, yes. However, this is not an attack on the owner, but legitimate facts. Plus, when 20+ students and coaches, some brown belts even, walk out, perhaps it's time to question your own actions.