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Satisfying customers for more than 38 years by installing and servicing water softeners, water filters, drinking water systems and specialty water treatment systems.
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Jay E.

West Grove, PA

Martin Water Conditioning

system overload with iron

Tim Mohler and Bryan McKim are just wonderful!!! We had a lot of iron come through in our water system due to all the rain we had. Our toilets were turning yellow really bad by each day. Our new stainless steel sinks were turning yellow and that had not happened before. We called Martin's and they sent Tim and Bryan out later that week. Thank goodness!! They serviced our system and by day 2 we could tell a difference in our water. The smell was gone. Thank goodness I was able to get the yellow out of my new sinks!! The water feels soft again. Thank you for sending the guys out sooner than expected!! Another 2 weeks and we would have had a huge problem on our hands. Tim was here last year for our yearly maintenance. He is very kind and knowledgeable about the water system. He really helps you understand the process. Bryan was new this visit but very helpful and knowledgeable as well. Thank you again!!!

Jay Ennis & Barbara Wallace