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Neverending transmission nightmare

What a nightmare! I'll try to keep it simple. I had a bad radiator and it made my transmission slip so I immediately stopped driving and eventually got a hold of J and L for a quote on evaluating and next steps. They looked at it and said it would be about $1500 to recondition and replace necessary transmissions components. It took more than two weeks to get my car back and multiple phone calls of price increases to a total of $3000. I was upset over the whole ordeal. Everything was delayed, cost more, took longer, and it was very VERY difficult to get a hold of anybody. I was disappointed with the service, prices, and professionalism all around. I posted my review here while my car was still in the shop. It took less than a few hours for someone to call me and specifically request that I withdraw my review in exchange for some "free work." Against my better judgement, I agreed and withdrew my complaint for replacement of my radiator. I paid my $3000 and picked up my car after about 3 weeks.

Next chapter: I drive away my car with a nearly new (but technically rebuilt) transmission. It takes less than a 100 miles of driving before I notice transmission hiccups and then a Transmission light comes on (never saw that before). J and L were very flexible and accommodating in picking up my car to fix it (again). Turns out it was a supposed bad solenoid valve. Took just a few hours to diagnose and got my car a few days later.

Next chapter: The never ending transmission repair. I keep thinking there is something wrong but I couldn’t tell for certain for awhile. Eventually the transmission starts having significant issues again (about 200 miles since last visit). I call to have it brought in. The shop is not as accommodating to fix it this time. Now I have to bring it in for inspection for a third time. Turns out it's not an easy fix. Something might be wrong internally. As of now it's in the shop for the 8th day (that is a total of over 4 weeks out of about 9 weeks). Who knows what will come of this visit. I can’t help but think I would have been better off just letting my transmission alone and have it slip a little from 2-3 gear like it was when I first called J and L. I never expected this to happen.

For those who don’t know, the shop my car is at seems to be very small with a lot of cars and only few mechanics (think 3-4 personnel MAXIMUM). Not sure who calls me from their hotline or who asked me to change my earlier review. No rental car or any help with transportation costs if you are having problems with repairs/quality. Buyer beware!