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Dr. Barbara Mizell

I guess I should be happy that 2 out of 3 kids got their teeth cleaned correctly!

Well - I must start out saying that my kids have Florida Kidcare which allows them to have health insurance for about $15 a month. I suppose, for $15 a month, you really can't really expect superb health care.
I had an appointment for my 3 kids, ages 11, 9, and 7. This is important for later. The 11 and 9 year old had paperwork; they couldn't find the 7 year old's paperwork. Okay - I can deal with that; I mean, this was my first time visiting. After about a 20 minute wait (there was a TV:) my 9 year old was called in. Shortly after, my 7 year old was called in. I couldn't be in two rooms at once, so I went to the 7 year old's room 1st (of course) and then went to the 9 year old's room. When I get to the 9 year old's room, I see that they are putting sealant (explained after the fact) on my daughter's teeth. The dental assistant says that this is a "new thing" that they do to all the kids. I would have liked to have been told this before it was done - what if I didn't want her to have it? I go back to my 7 year old's room about 5 minutes later and see that he is already done, sent back out to the waiting room. So, I don't know what happened there. It is now about 45 minutes since we arrived at 4:00. Their office hours are to 5:30 - and they still have about 5 kids, including my son, in the waiting room. My 11 year old tells me that they called him in and cleaned his teeth. I ask if they took any pictures, he says no. There is no one at the front desk and I wait another 10 minutes to set up a 6 month appointment - with a harried receptionist. Point of this all - my 2 youngest got xrays and teeth cleanings (including sealant on my 9 year old's teeth) while my oldest didn't get any xrays and was hurried out of the office. Definitely not a stellar visit.