McGinty and Belcher

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Attorneys at Law specializing in Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate and Social Security Disability programs.


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1 Stars

Anytown, AK


Don't do much work

Almost 3 years and I've only heard from them four times... I'm still waiting for a $@!#% hearing. Not only I'm disabled but now I don't have a running car I am homeless I am running out of everything just because I have to wait. Read More

1 Stars

Salem, OR


Stay away from these people!

I want to thank these attorneys for wasting 2 1/2 years of our lives waiting and hoping for a good outcome on our case. I want to thank them for taking our case in good faith, then dropping us when it looked like we were not going to win! Then telling me on the... Read More

3 Stars

Keizer, OR


Good Attorneys

Used these guys in my social security case. They helped me win but in the end were a little pricey. Kind staff and efficient lawyers though. THey defenitley were willing to fight the good fight. They made the case easy, were willing to do all the foot work and... Read More