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All Service Vet Clinic. They except emergencies at anytime their buisness is open.


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Sheridan, OR

Keizer Veterinary Clinic

This is a very negative review, true in all aspects and details. Don't go there.

My family had eight golden retrievers treated at Keizer Veterinary Clinic since it was founded by Dr. Orlando in the 1960s. But the clowns who run it now seem to be in it for the money.

Early this year, my dog, Tray, seemed slow and lethargic and I took him into KVC to see what might be wrong. Casey Joynt examined his gum tissue and pronounced him anemic, drew blood to confirm it and later took X-rays of his abdomen. He showed me the films, pointed out a large, unreadable blurry area and told me he wanted to get an ultrasound from a mobile unit out of Tigard. I approved and later asked to see the resultsThey are mine. I paid for them.but was told they were unavailable. Casey Joynt and the other doctors said Tray was probably bleeding internally from lesions or nodules on his spleen and recommended removal. They said that there was a possibility of other cancer having spread, but that they could probably buy him a year. Again, I approved the splenectomy. Tray spent three nights in an emergency clinic, for 24 hour observation, during which time he was given a blood transfusion from a universal donor. I took him home and he seemed a little better for awhile, but began to fail again within a couple weeks. I called KVC, took him in, one of the doctors felt his tummy, said it felt fine, sold me some expensive recovery food and a drug to stimulate his appetite, and sent Tray home (to die of lung cancer).

I called again because nothing seemed to be helping, in fact Tray was getting worse each day. Yet I have a voice message from Dr. Girouard, saying Tray was right on schedule with his recovery, that he had regenerative anemia, "altogether normal"... His body is doing what we want. He suggested it might help to go to Dove Lewis (Like the Mayo Clinic for dogs.) in Portland for another transfusion, this one typed specifically to Trays blood. I took him there immediately. At the top of a long list of tests they would perform was a lung X-ray. The doctor at Dove Lewis asked me what Trays lung X-ray at KVC had shown. They were shocked when I told them KVC had never X-rayed Trays lungs. According to the doctors at Dove Lewis, it was the FIRST thing they should have done. Dove Lewis showed me their X-rays. They didn't do the rest of the tests. Tray had advanced lung cancer, very little healthy tissue and was slowly, painfully suffocating; he was dead already.

I buried Tray the next day, two days after Dr. Girouard told me his recovery was right on schedule. I cant say whether or not KVC ever X-rayed his lungs. (I harbor more than a little suspicion.) If they had, Tray could have been spared a useless and stressful surgery. Either they knew about the lung cancer and decided to make a little money with the unnecessary splenectomy: torture for avarice, or they hadnt performed a proper diagnosis by doing the lung X-ray in the first place: stupid incompetence. KVC has never contacted me. I take this to mean they have no defense for the indefensible.