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Phoe3, AZ

Anchorage Point Apartments

Dont live here

2 minutes agoNEW
This place is not what it appears. The two ladies carmen and Alejandra seem nice but they not they are 2 of the lost coldest heartless $@!#% ive met. They kicked me and my husband out for no reason. They said I was loud but i know its cause im black. They took out rent for the week on fri and Tues 5pm came to door said I was being loud again lol and told me i had til noon the next day get out. They krpt our money and our deposit and they stole several packages i had go there. I had 3 packages go there after we were thrown out and they asked my husband why was he on property. If u are Hispanic like them you may be ok but not if u black. Also its alot of money to stay here 440 a week. They have roaches and bed bugs. I don't recommend anyone not mexican stay here. Im very upset about my packages that were delivered here and I got lied too about when i have proof they were delivered but thats okay because ive contacted police and post office and its a federal crime to steal peoples mail and they are about to get in a lot of trouble because i have proof and they have no idea who they kicked out and what my profession is but soon they will find out.