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Half Price Drapes is in a business of Ready Made Curtains & Custom Draperies operating in the Bay Area since 2004.


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Half Price Drapes

Terrible customer service

3 separate orders were placed. The prices and quality are OK and they have a HUGE selection, but their customer service and order accuracy are beyond horrible.

The the first order was placed and other than the immediate confirmation email, we heard nothing for 6 weeks. Actually we forgot we had even ordered anything. When we called we were told that the order was approved and ready to ship, but nobody was sure why it hadn't. No offer to upgrade shipping or any other compensation was offered. It finally arrived about a week later. BUT...One of the sets of panels was the wrong size. So I called for a replacement set. About 2 weeks later the replacement shows up, but there is only one panel in the package. There should be two. Someone at their warehouse removed one for some unknown reason. Call AGAIN, get another replacement AGAIN and finally, almost 3 months later, we have what was originally ordered.

The second order went as smooth as could be expected

The third order was for 6 relativity expensive drapes. At least 4 of them had brown spots (kinda looked like soy sauce) on them. That was the last straw. If there is ANYWHERE else to get what you are looking for, go there first!!