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Welcome to Star Plastic Surgery of Novi, Michigan, where our board-certified plastic surgeons top priorities are your safety, comfort, and satisfaction.


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Riley , MI

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very disappointed

the whole presurgery experience was wonderful. They told me everything i wanted to hear that my expectations would be met, and then some. The surgery went fine, 2 days later i ended up in hospital, almost died from aspirated pneumonia, caused b:y how long the tube was done my throat during surgery. Dr.Reisens response was there is always a risk with every surgery, and you were under for a long time. that is true. I had a breast lift, tummy tuck, and some liposuction. When I went for my one month check up, I expressed that it looked like my breasts were already starting to drop, and in incisions underneath were still splitting opened and not healing. I was doing everything post op that I was instructed to do. Again he said it happens sometimes and it will heal, everything is still pretty swollen, you need to give everything 1 year to heal and settle into place. 6 months later breasts are still dropping. Tummy tuck is looking ok but certainly not what I was told or expecting. Again I was told give it 1 year. When I went in for my 1yr. check up I cried I was so upset. in this time no-one noticed any difference in me. Not even the 2 people that knew I had surgery ever gave me a compliment or said I look good, one of them being my husband. When I told the doctor my displeasure with the surgery he replied, you are a D cup what do you expect they aren't going to be up and perky. Well that certainty isn't what he told me or showed me what they would look like before the surgery. As for the tummy tuck, the upper part of my stomach was bulging out. I weighed 8lbs less at that point then I did at surgery time, so they couldn't blame it on me gaining weight. The doctor told me to just do stomach exercises and that should bring it down. The lady that was in charge of my case told me to cut out carbs. I informed her I eat a low carb diet, she said no you have to totally cut out cabs! Really, after spending $18,000. dollars that is the best you can tell me. I could pay and have another surgery but no guarantees it would be any better and I would probably end up with more scarring then I already have which is bad. The doctors response to that was, who is going to see it other than your husband. Very displeased and upset!! spent $18,000 on absolutely NOTHING. Unless you are skinny and getting implants SAVE YOUR MONEY, WISH I DID!!