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Welcome to Star Plastic Surgery of Novi, Michigan, where our board-certified plastic surgeons top priorities are your safety, comfort, and satisfaction.


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Grand Blanc, MI

Star Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ozolins Gynecomastia (Chest) and Abdominoplasty (Belly).

I’ve yet to even have any bad interaction at Star Plastic Surgery. Dr. Ozolins, Maya Hords, every Nurse (before, during, and after), to the receptionist have all been great interactions.

I’m a male, so when I first started looking for a doctor for my operation, I figured I would want a male doctor as well. I had lost a massive amount of weight over the course of a few years (250), and with it came a lot of loose skin, which I wasn’t sure if I would feel confrontable with a female doctor (Looking back I feel silly, these are professionals). Dr. Ozolins made me feel at ease quickly and any doubt left my mind. I had a few other consultations, but still felt the best with my interactions with Dr. Ozolins and her team. I also loved that the procedure would be performed at their location and not at a random hospital nearby.

Because of the loose skin, I would need a Gynecomastia (Chest) and Abdominoplasty (Belly). Because of the expanded skin the Doctor needed to not only relocate my nipples but make them smaller. This was one of the things that worried me the most, as this would be something that would really stand out to me. I also read about the pain that the recovery would come with from many different sites and I was expecting a long painful recover. These were the primary issues that kept running through my head before surgery.
When the day finally came, the experience could not have been better. The Nurse that handled me before the surgery was amazing and kept me at ease and answered all my questions before I went under. I met with my anesthesiologist, who I can only guess was amazing at her job, because I remember saying hello to her and then waking up without the extra skin.

The recover was amazingly easy. I expected the pain to be a lot worse than it was, but the hardest thing for me was sleeping at night, as I tend to sleep on my side, which wasn’t possible. Before the surgery, Norco and Valium was prescribed. I stopped taking the Valium after about 2 days during the day and would only take them to sleep for another 3 days (These things knocked me out). I was off the Norco soon after because I really didn’t need it. I was back at work after two weeks without issues, or the need for drugs. Slowly got back into the gym after a month.

I’m not 100% healed as of the writing of this (3 months), but I’m still amazed at how I look. The nipples which I was worried about look amazing. Perfectly symmetrical across my chest (Beforehand they were hanging a good two inches below the location they should be) and the more I’m healing the better they look. The scars are still healing, but they are looking better every few weeks, and honestly I wouldn’t care if they got any lighter because they don’t bother me.

I feel amazing now. I enjoy the way I look with and without clothes. I cannot thank the team there for the amazing treatment, and Dr. Ozolins for her artistic touch while performing the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Ozolins to any and all, and I myself will most likely be seeing here again for the other side of my body (I didn’t want to do back and front at the same time).