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GoGreenSolar is a full service solar panel system supplier to home owners and businesses in the United States. We provide solar installation anywhere in California.


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Oro Valley, AZ


Excellent Help Throughout Process

I initially did research online to evaluate whether or not I could install my own solar pv system. I then contacted gogreensolar via the website. Shortly thereafter Linh was emailing me with information and a no pressure follow up email exchange occurred for the next few days. He was always willing to answer my questions to the best of his ability and even consulted with Dave,their engineer, on several occasions.

I then had a phone conversation with Linh and also Dave before committing to such a large capital outlay. Once my questions were asked, and answered I proceeded with the purchase. Shortly after the purchase, I received a contact from Meagan in regards to the permitting package. She was quick to finalize the package and sent the email that I used to provide to my AHJ(authority having jursidiction) for permitting process.

After a week or so my permits were approved on the first go. As soon as I notified Meagan of success they shipped the products. What a large kit . 14.28 kw system with APS inverters. 56 panels and 28 inverters. All of the racking and standoffs were included.

I had an electrician upgrade my panel to a solar ready, line side tap option. Additionally He installed the AC disconnect at the same time, so that I could just tie in before turn on of the system.

I proceeded to install the standoffs over the course of several days. I installed everything without help. As a person with a day job and every other weekend off, this was a steady after hours project for some time.

After installing the racking, and then getting a better idea on wiring runs from Dave the engineer, I was able to purchase all the wire locally, and commenced to install this as well. Bending conduit was relatively easy, and I purchased inch and a quarter already bent elbows for the combined drop through the roof.

Once the wiring was sorted out, The system was ready to be commissioned, and during the commisioning I was told I needed to include some placards for our local electric company. Everyone at GoGreenSolar was helpful in making sure I received all of the neccesary products. Additionally, during the installation of this large kit, a few items were missing, but the team made sure to send asap, whenever I called. A couple of whips, a few end caps, 4 screws for the standoffs, and a few other stickers etc.

During the final step of interconnection paperwork, Joy was most helpful and really stayed on top of the local electric company to push the system in to service. (interestingly, the local Electric Co, now restricts systems greater than 10kw as of 2 days after my system was submitted) Thankfully mine was started a few months ago with the process and size approved back then.

From start to finish, this project was a long haul. The professional interactions from Sales, Permitting , Engineering, Installation, Interconnection and Commisioning, were unparalleled. I did not once experience a problem with any requests. I had many questions and clarifications for the engineer (Thanks so much Dave) . He was patient and very good at explaining in detail the process I needed at the time.

I was very pleased with all interactions with this company. Additionally the product is happily producing a lot of power.

I know that the usual quote is around 1,000 dollars per kw for install, so I figure I saved about 15,000 doing this myself. Coupled with the Tax Credit, my payback should fall somewhere between 7 and 10 years. Not bad for a few weeks on the roof. My wife was also pleasantly surprised that we could use our Hawaiian Miles card to purchase, so we also earned 1 round trip ticket to Hawaii. Priceless.

Thanks again to the entire team at GoGreenSolar. I will recommend to anyone I meet. And many of my neighbors are now asking if I will install for them if they decide to do this. (I'm retired from the roof I think for at least a while, I'll just consult. :)

Thank you Linh, Meagan, Dave, and Joy, you all were professional and very courteous in every interaction. Your diligence and follow through is commendable.

Mike Tarro