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GoGreenSolar is a full service solar panel system supplier to home owners and businesses in the United States. We provide solar installation in Southern California.
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1630 S Sunkist St, Anaheim, CA 92806, USA
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Mike H.

Springville, CA

These guys worked very hard to meet my needs.

I've wanted to install solar for some time, only recently having the time to DIY (my preferred MO). I wanted a budget ground-mount system that could be expanded sometime in the future. I talked to a number DIY "kit" suppliers, not always getting a sympathetic ear.
GoGreenSolar understood my needs immediately and quoted a couple of packages that included everything that was not site/jurisdiction specific. Furthermore, GoGreenSolar promised to provide all plans and structural engineering I needed for my site and to shepherd me through the permitting process.
On that promise, they came through wonderfully. On top of the requisite number of plans sets with all the required pages, they included a jurisdiction-specific installation guide that really simplified everything.
I now have a fully functional 3.6 kw system that is capable of resisting any foreseeable weather and/or earthquake. I am very comfortable recommending GoGreenSolar for a DIY system.