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GoGreenSolar is a full service solar panel system supplier to home owners and businesses in the United States. We provide solar installation in Southern California.
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Greg K.

Boise, ID

8800 Solar Kit

I bought a whole kit for Go Green. The purchase was the hardest part. Had to pay with a wire transfer. The instructions where simple and easy to understand. The rail was tricky, to find the rafters I used a hammer and had to guess based on sound and feel. Some of them where an inch and a half off from center. Roofing was asphalt shingles and the first day I did not wear my knee pads... bad idea! Permitting was a slow process but necessary, The building inspector was impressed and wanted to know who I got my material from so I sent him to John.
I did do a lot of research and made some changes to my electrical system 2 years ago with solar in mind. My solar system is on my shop, not my house. That made things easy and clean. The electrical upgrade I did was move a meter main to the outside the shop and went under ground to the house. I dug the trench and had an electrician install the main panel and sub panels. Cost me about $4K. If you have some moderate skills you can install a system yourself and save a lot of money! Just do your research and take your time. Best thing I ever did!