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GoGreenSolar is a full service solar panel system supplier to home owners and businesses in the United States. We provide solar installation in Southern California.


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Waterford , MI


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one day I got up and opened My electric bill, And thought why does my bill keep going up, putting it Mildly, So I started digging,....I found my electric bill went up 125% in the past 8 years with my kwh only going up 25% ....the electric company said it was me,.....so they started digging and found..... (here it is a price increase), Imagine that,.... So I did some research and found gogreensolar.com To be my best choice, The very 1st phone call I knew these guys knew what was up, Very professional, Very friendly And very very knowledgeable about their product & what they are doing, the 1st call to dave Donaldson the electrical engineer was to say the least totally awesome, he answered any question that I had in a very professional & friendly manner through phone contact & or email along with Mario, nivra, divey, Joy, & nitin, along with Ben who was my very 1st contact with go green solar, there could be a few guys I missed but All are very professional people & know their stuff about their product, my installation was a big job, ....44 310 watt panels, 3 different arrays & 4 locations on my roof & 3 stories in some places, they gave me direction through the whole process even have given me the actual part numbers for the parts I need to get from home depot, They have their system down for sure, People think solar energy is a joke, It definitely is not, I finally completed my install, I install the app on my phone to communicate with the inverter went through the process step-by-step then finally I turned it on, Very cool, I could not believe what I was seeing the very 1st day I turned it on, I produced twice as much power as my home uses in A-day, I was like oh yeah..... That's what I'm talking about,...Solar is no joke,... whenever it's Sunny out it rains money on my house, straight up, the Go green solar team and their product Is definitely the way to go hands down, This was my very 1st experience with them And now people in my neighborhood want me to put some on their house, ....they like free money also,... I would highly recommend you contact go green solar for your future solar power If you are serious about saving money and saving the environment in one step

On another note, I am now a professional gogreen solar installer from tackling this project...... you will be too !!

Todd kurz