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Safeguard yourself from costly RV repair bills with comprehensive RV Warranty coverage, get your free quote at www.wholesalewarranties.com. BBB A+ Rated


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In August of 2018, I experienced a wheel bearing failure while driving on the Interstate in Illinois. It happened on a Sunday morning and most repair facilities were closed. Fortunately, I was very close to an exit on the Interstate and managed to exit and find a parking lot to pull over out of traffic. I tried to get a tow to a repair facility but nothing was available that could handle my rig. The owner of the loca towing service came by to see if he could be of any help. He said he could replace the bearings and get me so I could safely move the trailer to a repair facility. He was able to get the necessary parts and make the trailer moveable. I found a place that could work on the trailer the next day and took it in for service. The repair facility did not want to work with service warranty and wanted full payment after the work was finished. I spoke with the claims people at Wholesale Warranties and they guided me through the steps to be reimbursed for the claim. They covered the cost of the temporary repair and the final permanent repair of my trailer. I had all of the wheel bearings checked and repacked before I got on the road again. I paid my deductable and for the maintenance of the wheel bearings and Wholesale Warranties paid the difference. They were more than fair in their reimbursement and the claim was settled within a few days of my final submission. I have had two other claims and they have been settled quickly and more than fairly. Working with this company in times of stress has been a pleasure and I would highly recommend that anyone looking for an extended warranty for their RV choose Wholesale Warranties. You can depend on them to quickly and fairly settle your claim.