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Since 2000, CuraDebt has been helping people and small businesses. CuraDebt specializes in providing expert help to resolve unsecured debts as well as tax issues.


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Orlando , FL


They are personal and great at explaining

I like many people wondered if it was about making money you know the percentage, but the reality is that all businesses have to make money if you want to nickel and dime business and that’s the kind of work you can get for you. I absolutely will recommend anyone and everyone listen bottom line is you wanna get out of your debt or do you want to continue to pay monthly for 10 years so if you expect to pay 2000 we need a 10,000 that go sleep on it and have another dream.They don’t rip a hole in you they help you get out and after you are out from under they tell you how to clean up your credit and if the one you are working with cannot get to you he will send someone else and then follow up on that like the man that I dealt with and he was put in another place I loved him I loved his work ethics they were impeccable his name is Nilton. Awesome he put other people when he couldn’t get back to me but not one time did he say I’ll get back to you and then if he was busy he would tell you and he broke it down in layman terms. I am no idiot by any means but I am very visual he broke it down and made me understand you cannot expect to get calls and answer the calls no you don’t do that you get a hold of one of the representative And they will tell you exactly the words to use to your creditors then yes you hope to get paperwork so you send it to them uploaded Faxit mail but how can they work for you if they don’t have your paperwork. I am about work ethics and this company has it I can’t speak for any other state I can tell you in Florida they are the what they say is what they do...