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To stay in touch with their customers, Capital Plumbing & Heating sent out emails and quarterly newsletters. But they struggled to determine which customers to focus their outreach on, and also didn’t know know the best times to reach out. Plus, they had difficulty measuring the impact of their outreach, and were missing visibility into key metrics about their Customers.

Gregg, the owner, knew he had to incorporate a better system for staying top-of-mind with his customers, as well as adopt better reporting practices. So, he decided to join Customer Lobby.

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Customer Lobby integrates seamlessly with Capital Plumbing & Heating’s invoicing system, SuccessWare21. This allows them to automatically reach segments of customers likely to need repeat service with personalized postcards, emails, and review requests.

Customer Lobby also provides actionable metrics, such as how much money customers spend with Capital Plumbing & Heating over the course of their lifetime. They now incorporate that data into their technician training program to show the value of repeat business. Capital Plumbing & Heating now relies on Customer Lobby for the majority of their marketing efforts.

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