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Allison B.

Deltona, FL

Drain Genie Plumbing Services

Top-notch service from Drain Genie.

This was my first time using Drain Genie. The last plumber I had used did not complete the work thoroughly which caused all these problems. Drain Genie came out for what appeared to be a minor pipe issue which was much more involved. I know nothing about plumbing. They kept showing me where the problem was reoccurring, how to fix it, and they walked me through everything. Unlike many companies who will just send you a big bill, they shared what they were doing and why. They were on time, professional, thorough, and courteous. Call no one other than Drain Genie. They went above and beyond. They thought they were coming in for a quick fix, but they spend over four hours to repipe, install a new disposal, the whole nine yards. They did a fantastic job in getting the work done and explaining it. I highly recommend them.