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Acorn Valley provides dog and cat boarding in an indoor, climate-controlled facility, with spacious dog runs, a sunny cattery and plenty of love.


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Telford, PA

Acorn Valley Pet Boarding

We've been bringing our dogs for about 10 years now.

We have two dogs, and we've probably been using Acorn Valley Pet Boarding for 10 years now. Their facility is very nice and they're very open about letting you see it and being able to bring your dog back so you can see how it's kept, and it's not when they want you to, it's when you ask. The fact that they'll let you come check it out whenever you want speaks very highly of them. The dogs seem happy when you drop them off (of course, even happier when you pick them up), and I've never had any problems with whooping cough or fleas, which can sometimes be an issue with boarding dogs together. Once when we went abroad for a long time one of the dogs got a hotspot, and I gave specific instructions of how to take care of the dog, I was really worried. They got through to me by e-mailing me and when I came back the hotspot on the dog was a lot better than when I left. Another thing I like is that they ask for what shots the pets have so if one dog comes in contact with another, the dog is covered, they're covered, and the dog won't get sick with anything. So there's been many things that I've seen that a reputable place would have. The people seem very professional and great with the dogs, it seems like they've been very well trained., and everybody I've asked questions of has been helpful, or if they don't know the answer they'll call me back when they do. The one thing I'll say is that if the price goes any higher it would be really tough for someone with two dogs like me to keep using them. They've been fair so far but if it went up I'd probably have to see if one of my neighbors could watch the dogs when we need someone to.