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Thank you Mr. Bryan

This is not a review on actual services but rather a declaration on the character of Mr. Bryan. Last week, after picking up my girls (4,2,1) I stopped for gas. I had just put them in the car and it was hot, so without thinking I left the ac on for them. As luck would have it, it was just enough time to $@!#% my battery!! So I'm stuck with my three little babies in Texas heat after work when everyone else is just trying to make it home! I asked a few people for jumpers cables... And was walking around asking for help. Mr. Bryan asked if I needed anything and I told him what had happened. He stated he was in a rental and didn't have any cables. I thought, well, it was nice enough to even attempt to help me. He had actually decided to go inside and find jumper cables himself! He came out to tell me he would fix the car and insisted I take the girls inside as they were hot, tired, sweating and frustrated! Long story (long?) he had to wait 15-20 min just to charge my battery!

I know it may seem like a trivial story, but when you are in the situation, you realize how many people you yourself have passed by or avoided eye contact simply bc you knew the gesture may take longer than expected and hey, no good deed goes unpunished right?

Thank goodness someone was looking out for me that day! It could have been a much longer, sadder story. Thank God for the goodness in people we sometimes forget exists! Thank you Mr. Bryan and as my daughter said "Him's was so nice, right mommy?". Yes, he is.