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plumbers & sewer repair
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4 Stars

Oregon City , OR


Pricing not transparent

Plumber did an excellent job. Was very disappointed that I was charged 3/4 of an hour for "travel time". At $166.00 an hour travel time should be included. Plumber was respectful and professional but I will probably look elsewhere in the future for a more reasonable... Read More

5 Stars

Westlynn, OR


They're great.

I'm a general contractor, and I do quite a bit of work with them. They've been working with me for 7 or 8 years now. I've been extremely happy with them. All those years I've never had an issue. I refer and use them all the time. Read More

5 Stars

Portland, OR


Couldn't have found better quality or service if I tried.

I am a general contractor, and I have not had the best of luck with plumbers and so forth in the past. I first used MP Plumbing probably five years ago. We started with Joe Riley, but they call him just Joe there, and he has been with the company for 20-something... Read More