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Surf City Pest Control
5267 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA
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Anaheim, CA

Surf City Pest Control

Poor customer service!

A plumber was the one who suggested that I have someone treat the termite and roach infestation he found in the attic. So I hired Surf City Pest Control to treat the termites and fog the house for anything else. Three days after those treatments the house was infested with ants. I've never had ants before now and it makes me suspicious of the chemicals in products used by Surf City Pest Control. When I spoke to someone in the Surf City office, they never got back to me about my concerns. I also had problems with the paperwork on the jobs. The office lumped all three jobs together quoting one price for all three. When the technician arrived, he wasn't sure how to approach the three jobs without any details on what was expected individually. The office didn't seem to be any help and things got a little tense for a minute until we figured it out and solved the confusion. Overall, my experience with Surf City Pest Control was less than ideal.