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Safeguard yourself from costly RV repair bills with comprehensive RV Warranty coverage, get your free quote at www.wholesalewarranties.com. BBB A+ Rated


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Wholesale Warranties

Run, Don't Walk, Run Away!

So after the stellar reviews of this company I spent $5000 on a 3 year warranty, so that I didn't have to worry about any big surprise high dollar repair bills, mainly focused on Diesel engine and Transmission. After talking with the rep on the phone, everything is covered, everything, "I can rest easy." So pay close attention to the words "well lubricated parts" that are not covered for failure (written over and over in the contract) because this is there "easy way of saying, your not covered for anything." In the late summer of 2020 I was taking my rig up into the mountains. About 2 miles from my destination (as best that I can tell), an auxiliary oil plug (one never used as it is a way to configure the diesel engine differently), worked it way out and I dropped about 2 gallons of oil in 2 miles. Luckily I made it to my destination (no engine lights came on). Somewhat panicked, I was able to call a mobile diesel mechanic, so the problem was diagnosed, and then we needed a specific part, so 3 days later, and $1000 dollars poorer, I call Wholesale warranty. They told me that I should not have authorized the repair, and that I should have waited for them. Then they say nothing is covered. So I ask what if the engine had siezed, and they say, I would not be covered because the parts, at that point, were not well lubricated. Did you catch that, if you have a lubrication failure driving down the road, and an instantaneous engine ,and/or transmission catastrophic event, you are no covered. Like you would know driving a motorhome that you are losing oil or transmission fluid that is until you hopefully see the dash light or low oil pressure gauge, both of which did not come on for me. Then in the spring of 2021 I bring the rig over to caterpillar for routine maintenance. You know oil change, service check, generator service. CAT tells me that the front driver side axel seal has failed and needs to be fixed, a $500 cost, then CAT tells me that my crank case is leaking oil, from the engine to the transmission. Not a huge leak, but a leak nonetheless, and it will get worse. So the part is $40 and the labor is near $2000. So I authorize the repairs (what else should one do, it needs to be fixed). Remember, failure of non well lubricated parts are not covered. So I call Wholesale warranty. Once again I get told that I should not have authorized the repairs (like I really had a choice). Then they tell me that any gasket replacements and the axel seal fix are not covered. Did you catch that, they won't pay to fix problems, that if not fixed, will cause a catastrophic failure, and that won't be covered because the parts are not well lubricated. So in short, I am out about $2500 in repair bills, plus another $5000 I gave to these scammers, for absolutely no help, and terrible customer service. They could care less that I was away from home with a broken rig, needing to call a mobile diesel mechanic to get me limping back home. You need to RUN AWAY! Just say NO! If I didn't get the warranty I'd have another $5000 in my pocket. I can not overstate this enough, this $5000 warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on.